Domaine Jean-Pierre Sève

Some words from Jean-Pierre Sève

Just like a musician, I create variations using the different notes that distinguish each of my terroirs as well as my own sensitivity, thus producing a most aromatic and harmonious symphony capable of awakening all your senses and inciting you to share this hearty pleasure.
Jean-Pierre Sève

« He who knows how to taste shall never drink wine again: he shall taste secrets. »
Salvator Dali.

the estate

We welcome you to the South of Burgundy, where you may discover our POUILLY-FUISSÉ and MACON-SOLUTRÉ wines in the magnificent and prestigious wine-making village of Solutré-Pouilly, one of the most touristic prehistoric sites in Burgundy, 10 kilometres away from MACON.
We will do our best to introduce you to the different vintages of our estate, so you may know our passion, the knowhow inherited through four generations of wine-makers, and our attachement to this land for which we patiently care.

Pierre Marie Sève was born in 1875 and was the first in our family to grow and care for the vines of this estate – he was my great grandfather.
Then came my grandfather, Francis Sève, who cultivated and expanded the estate.
Afterwards, my father, Roger Sève, came along: he replanted many plots and started selling our wine in bottles
Today, it is I, Jean-Pierre Sève, who cultivate the estate with my wife Sylvie.
Our aim is to constantly improve quality while perpetuating our family knowhow.

The estate is located on the heights of the village of Solutré which offers a beautiful view of the Saône valley.
The property includes 2 parts, the living quarters and the cultivated estate, the fermentation vats, the vats cellar, the barrels cellar, the stock room, the tasting cellar, and the offices.

Our estate is 7.40 hectares (18.50 acres) and has one grape variety: CHARDONNAY.

* 6.20 hectares (15.50 acres) of Pouilly-Fuissé, 4 vintages:
Pouilly-Fuissé « Terroir »
Pouilly-Fuissé « Aux Chailloux »
Pouilly-Fuissé « Sélection Vieilles Vignes »
Pouilly-Fuissé « Anthilde »

* 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of Mâcon-Solutré