Wine is the result of the interaction between the soil and climate, the vine stock, man, and nature : climate, biodiversity and weather all play a role.
Making wine also needs empirical and technical knowledge.

At the Sève estate, every day counts in creating our wine. All steps are important : from the vine's planting to working the soil, the care taken in pruning, monitoring the vegetative process, the grape harvest, aging in vats or in casks and finally bottling. All of these steps require special technical knowledge and knowhow, which contribute together to the elaboration of our wine.
Domaine Jean-Pierre Sève

Elevage en fûts

Maturing in oak casks
The must is racked twice (thus separating the clear juice from the thicker particles ...

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Elevage en cuve

Maturing in vats
We have decided, after much thought and considering the nature of our plots, which ...

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The young Chardonnay seedlings are planted in the month of April. How long they wil ...

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This constitutes the longest work. Jean-Pierre prunes from November to March using ...

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Travail du sol

Working the soil
One out of every two rows of plot vines is planted with grass. This technique consi ...

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Grape harvest
The date for the September grape harvest is decided for each plot through strict mo ...

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Mise en bouteille

After 10 months of maturation, Jean-Pierre blends the different wines used for each ...

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