Soil diversity and exclusive use of the « chardonnay » variety

The 7.40 hectares (18.50 acres) of our estate are planted between the foot of the famous Solutré rock and the cosy cirque of Pouilly.
There are 17 plots, the oldest of which were planted by my great grandfather in 1927 and 1938, divided up over all the communal territory and offering several soil types : clay, limestone, and marl.

We do our utmost to care for the land with which we have been entrusted : it is the matrix of the treasures we produce. We plough it systematically, we don't use any fertilizers, and we only accept the use of organic matter.
The treatment necessary to the vine stocks is kept to the bare essentials.

Domaine Jean-Pierre Sève

Aux Chailloux

Calcaires blancs ou gris avec des marnes
In yellow on the map
Limestones are white or grey, sometimes pink, rather pure or ...

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Croix Bonnet

Calcaires a polypiers très dures
In blue on the map
At the top, very hard ploypary limestones. At the bottom, fine ...

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Bois Billon

Calcaires gris Marneux et fossilifères
In pink on the map
"grande Oolithe", with grey, marly and very fossiliferous limes ...

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Marnes bleues très fossilifères
In orang on the map
Blue and very fossiliferous marls, ferruginous at the top. Upp ...

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